Hoos in the NBA

While watching the Dallas-San Antonio NBA playoff series, I keep having the same thought, and it came back to me while writing the post below about Sylven Landesberg. We need more former Virginia players in the NBA.

Roger Mason, Jr., is really the only former Hoo in the NBA right now, though Mason's Spurs are playing against a team coached by Rick Carlisle. Marc Iavaroni is still kicking around as an assistant coach. I am convinced that Sean Singletary will have a good NBA career...eventually.

Anyone else I'm missing? That's a pretty thin roster of Hoos who are kicking around the league, only one of whom is a current player. If Singletary and Landesberg make NBA rosters next year, that'll be three, and that's a start. After seeing how much Tony Bennett's NBA career seems to have helped him in recruiting, I can't help but think having former Virginia basketball players playing in the world's best basketball league would help in the recruiting process, as well.

Unfortunately, no one on the current roster appears to be a likely bet to make a future NBA roster. I have high hopes for the incoming recruits, but it's too soon to tell.

At least our list of NBA players is more accomplished than this one.

Sean Singletary headed to Spain

It appears that the greatest point guard in UVa history is headed to Spain. Sean Singletary has signed a contract with a pro team, and will be spending the next year playing in the ACB and Euroleague leagues, according to Streaking The Lawn. I'm a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers, and I was deeply disappointed when they cut Sean loose last month. I really believe Singletary is going to find a home in the NBA, but it's starting to look like he's going to have to take the Roger Mason route to success (i.e., the winding road).

Singletary is my favorite Hoo since Jason Williford, so I'm definitely rooting for him to make it.