Ten Second Movie Review: Cyrus

"Cyrus" is a film that I had intended to watch last year, but never seemed to get around to it. Wish I hadn't waited. Here's a bold statement: John C. Reilly is one of the best actors around. There, I said it; he's superb in every film in which he appears. Of course, he's joined by Jonah Hill here, and I continue to wait desperately for Hill's fifteen minutes of fame to expire.

Surprisingly, however, he isn't bad as the son of Reilly's love interest (Marisa Tomei). The relationship between mother and son, which is unique, is thrown for a loop with the introduction of this new guy. Reilly doesn't seem like he has much going for him (and, well, he doesn't) and things take a strange turn very quickly. The film turns into a bizarre love triangle, for lack of a better term.

It isn't really funny, and it isn't really heart-warming, but it is a compelling story from beginning to end.

Four stars out of five.