More good news for the football program

Perhaps I'm just desperate for good news in the wake of two disastrous seasons, but I'm choosing to be an optimist. Sue me. Anyway, the outstanding hire of Mike London as head football coach appears to have resulted in the return of a couple of individuals who could have an impact on the UVa program. First, running back Keith Payne will be returning, rather than transferring to Liberty for his final season of eligibility. (Well, actually he will just be staying at UVa; he never actually left, but had planned to.) No, Payne isn't superman, as suggested (with tongue firmly in cheek) on various message boards, but he can help this team with depth in the backfield.

More interesting is the return of UVa legend Shawn Moore, who will be coaching either the QBs or WRs (pending further hires). As an alum who remembers those glory days (even though I was still in high school at the time), I think bringing Moore back into the fold is a great thing. I'm hopeful that Moore can be an asset in recruiting the DC area.