Hoos in the NFL Playoffs

Really, the only thing UVa football fans have had to be proud of recently is the number of Hoos performing well in the NFL (and continuing to be drafted year after year). Today's first round of the NFL playoffs has been another good one for some UVa guys. First, Thomas Jones and D'Brickashaw Ferguson are on their way to the next round, as their New York Jets defeated the Cincinnati Bengals. It wasn't Jones' best game, but he's had a brilliant season, and it'll be fun to watch both these guys as their season has been extended.

The Cowboys are playing the Eagles tonight, and a couple of undrafted rookie Hoos are contributing to the Dallas effort. Tight end John Phillips scored the first touchdown of the game on a reception from Tony Romo, and Kevin Ogletree absolutely rocked Macho Harris on the ensuing kickoff. (Yes, Harris is from Virginia Tech; makes it even sweeter, no?)

At halftime, it's looking like Phillips and Ogletree may be moving on to the second round, too. Too bad my favorite team (Pittsburgh) and their two Hoos (James Farrior and Heath Miller) missed out on the playoffs a year after winning the Super Bowl.