Hoo will get picked in the NFL Draft?

As UVa fans, we've grown accustomed to seeing our guys picked early in the NFL Draft, despite less-than-stellar results for the team. Not seeing a Hoo picked in the first round last night was a bit of a shock to the system. Check out recent first and second round selections from Virginia: [table id=1 /]

The Draft continues tonight, and cornerback Chris Cook appears to be a good bet to be selected in the second round. Rashawn Jackson and Nate Collins are likely mid-to-late round picks, as well. Others, including Vic Hall and Jameel Sewell, are unlikely to be drafted but stand a decent chance of catching on as a free agent with a team. (On that note, the Redskins recently signed former UVa quarterback Marques Hagans, and we're hoping Biscuit will be able to stick this time.)

It'll be interesting to see where Cook, in particular, is selected. I was kinda hoping he'd sneak into the first round last night, but you have to believe he'll be picked fairly early tonight. My fingers are crossed.

Hoos in the NFL Playoffs

Really, the only thing UVa football fans have had to be proud of recently is the number of Hoos performing well in the NFL (and continuing to be drafted year after year). Today's first round of the NFL playoffs has been another good one for some UVa guys. First, Thomas Jones and D'Brickashaw Ferguson are on their way to the next round, as their New York Jets defeated the Cincinnati Bengals. It wasn't Jones' best game, but he's had a brilliant season, and it'll be fun to watch both these guys as their season has been extended.

The Cowboys are playing the Eagles tonight, and a couple of undrafted rookie Hoos are contributing to the Dallas effort. Tight end John Phillips scored the first touchdown of the game on a reception from Tony Romo, and Kevin Ogletree absolutely rocked Macho Harris on the ensuing kickoff. (Yes, Harris is from Virginia Tech; makes it even sweeter, no?)

At halftime, it's looking like Phillips and Ogletree may be moving on to the second round, too. Too bad my favorite team (Pittsburgh) and their two Hoos (James Farrior and Heath Miller) missed out on the playoffs a year after winning the Super Bowl.

The most frustrating aspect of the Al Groh era

From the Washington Post:

But there is another measurement that, if not impressive to the general fan, resonates with those in a Virginia uniform. Sixty-five Cavaliers have gone onto the NFL after playing for Groh, including 22 selected in the NFL draft during the past five seasons. Groh produces NFL talent at a rate uncanny for a coach who has not had a 10-win season, much less a coach who might be unemployed in two weeks.

While watching this week's Steelers game, they cut in to show a highlight of Jason Snelling scoring a touchdown for the Atlanta Falcons (he had two on the day). Then they came back to the game, and Heath Miller caught a pass for a long gain.

My Hokie friends are constantly asking how Virginia can be so terrible at football when they have players drafted -- and drafted highly -- into the NFL every single year. There can really only be one answer to that question, unfortunately.

There is, and has been, talent in the program. It's gotta be the coaching (or lack thereof).

On Heath Miller

Watching Heath Miller catch everything thrown his way for the Steelers, including a touchdown, has to make a UVa fan proud. He's turning into exactly the same player he was at Virginia, i.e., Big Money. I remember Miller in high school. He was a great quarterback, sure, but you should have seen him on the basketball court. He was a beast under the boards.

I love the fact that two prominent former Hoos in the NFL -- Miller and Thomas Jones -- are stand-up citizens from far Southwest Virginia. Like me!