Good luck, Derek Dooley

Down here in southwest Virginia, I'm forced to listen to blather from both Virginia Tech fans and University of Tennessee fans. Therefore, I'm looking forward to making sure all the Vol fans know that their new coach, Derek Dooley, is a Wahoo. I wish Dooley the best of luck; he's stepping into a big job, and I just hope he's ready for it. I admit that I didn't consider him one of the top candidates for our job when it was open (I've been a Mike London fan since day one). Seemed like he needed a little more experience before taking a high-major job.

Tennessee didn't agree, and I hope they're right. Then, when they're winning big, I can look at all the UT bandwagon homers around here and remind them that they had to look to UVa to bail their football program out. That'll be sweet. :)