On the next football coach

I guess there's no guarantee that UVa will have a new football coach next season, and I'm not going to get drawn into an argument about whether Al Groh should return in 2010. Groh is an alum and a hard worker, and I kinda like the guy...even if he's sorta run the ship aground over the last nine years. But ... From Old Virginia has been looking at some potential candidates to take over the program. Nothing wrong with being prepared, right?

Right now, FOV is looking at Charlie Strong, Florida's defensive coordinator. It's good stuff, as usual; go check it out.

Anyway, my favorite options for the next coach have always been Cincinnati's Brian Kelly and Richmond's Mike London. I would be thrilled with either coach. After thinking more about Charlie Strong, however, I'm nearly convinced to rate him on the same level as Kelly and Richmond. Any of the three would be very strong choices to lead the UVa football program going forward.