MLB managers need to play more video games

I love this:

When Brayan Pena is managing the Reds on his PlayStation, he doesn't care what inning it is, when he needs a big out, he calls on Aroldis Chapman.

"When you've got a guy like that throwing 100 mph, why not?" Pena said laughing, before adding he only calls fastballs for Chapman in those situations on the PlayStation.

I've been complaining for years that Reds managers won't use Chapman in the most high-leverage situations, preferring instead to save him for the typical ninth-inning appearance. (I've also been complaining for years that Chapman is a closer instead of a starter, but let me save that rant for another day). Frankly, Chapman is criminally under-used.

If Pena can figure out the best way to use your best pitcher because of a video game, perhaps we need to chip in and send Reds manager Bryan Price a Playstation 4. I'll pay for the copy of MLB 14: The Show myself.