Yes, Georgetown exited the NCAA tournament early once again this year. I'm so sick of this.

No, really. Why?

For Georgetown, Friday night's upset win was just the latest in a string of disappointments for the program since John Thompson III took the Hoyas to the Final Four six years ago.

No fan base has endured more heartbreak and embarrassment than this one. Here's the rundown on how G'town's had good-to-really-good regular seasons end in flameout since the 2008 NCAA tournament.

Read the rundown, if you wish. I've lived it.

Can someone explain this? There's only one constant: coach John Thompson III.

Somedays, I wish I had just gone to Duke Law, rather than Georgetown.


Okay, that's silly talk.

Virginia beats Georgetown

I know I'm late in posting on this one but, well, I had to recover first. It was a matchup for the ages...at least for me. My two schools went to battle, and the University of Virginia (CLAS '96) defeated Georgetown University (Law '99). With worlds colliding like this, I expected the worst: human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together ... mass hysteria! Nope, all that happened was the expected -- a UVa win.

Everything is right with the world

It's raining and dreary outside my window this morning, but all is still right with the world. Virginia is undefeated, and sitting in first place in the Atlantic Coast Conference. UNC lost last night. Duke lost last night.

Heck, even Georgetown went into hostile territory and defeated #11-ranked Pittsburgh, who was previously unbeaten in Big East play. (I'm sorry to confess to divided loyalties; I'm a UVa grad -- CLAS 1996 -- but I'm also a graduate of Georgetown Law. Gotta root for the Hoyas, too.)

Anyway, everything just seems a little brighter today, doesn't it? It's good to be a Hoo.

My wife is great

You may remember when this happened, back in 2002 or so, the year after Donald Hand graduated. Early in the season, UVa was playing on ESPN, and Digger Phelps kept going on and on about how Hand was going to have a great year and really lead Virginia to success. Meanwhile, Hand was actually in the D-League. It was ridiculous. People still refer to it on the boards at The Sabre.

Anyway, fast forward to this evening. It's halftime of the Georgetown-Temple game (I went to Georgetown Law, and I have to root for the Hoyas too). Anyway, Digger Phelps is babbling about something when my wife walks into the room. She starts flipping through a magazine and casually says:

"What's he talking about? Donald Hand?"

My wife is great.