On Kevin Gregg

On Opening Day, Reds manager Bryan Price appeared to anoint Kevin Gregg as the 8th inning setup guy for the Reds. That may or may not change (and may have already changed), but it was a curious decision from the beginning. After all, Gregg was a non-roster invite to spring training, and hadn't particularly distinguished himself. Let's just say that most informed observers were skeptical of the decision to depend on Gregg in high-leverage situations or, indeed, in any situation at all. But he's a Former Closer (TM), and a veteran, so Price was inclined to trust him. After two outings now, Gregg has been ineffective, to say the least.

For whatever reason, I thought I'd go look to see what the 2015 edition of Baseball ProspectusΒ (go purchase it) had to say about Gregg. He didn't merit a full entry in this year's book, but they did mention him. It wasn't encouraging:

Kevin Gregg's career deserves a tombstone, and the epitaph might read: "More career saves than Brian Wilson. He probably never should have been a closer."

Only a matter of time before the Reds dump this guy and bring Sam LeCure back to town, I hope. Please?