Top 20 DMB songs

A couple of guys have been counting down their top twenty Dave Matthews Band songs (including covers) on Twitter the last couple of days. Since I'm easily persuaded, I let them talk me into making my own list. To wit: Honorable Mention (in no particular order) The Stone Tripping Billies Best of What's Around Spoon If I Had a Boat Dreaming Tree Old Dirt Hill Rhyme and Reason Halloween Louisiana Bayou Bartender When the World Ends Don't Drink The Water JTR Big Eyed Fish Dancing Nancies Seek Up Satellite Typical Situation What Would You Say Crush

20. Why I Am 19. Cortez the Killer 18. Two Step 17. #27 16. Pig 15. Ants Marching 14. Warehouse 13. Grace is Gone 12. The Maker 11. The Song That Jane Likes 10. Raven 9. Granny 8. All Along The Watchtower 7. #41 6. Recently 5. Jimi Thing 4. Long Black Veil 3. Grey Street 2. One Sweet World 1. Lie In Our Graves