The Tony Bennett Effect

So I'm watching the ESPNU broadcast of Virginia's win over Miami, and they posted the most amazing stat. Want the clearest example you can imagine of the effect Tony Bennett has had on this program: Check out the following statistics: --Turnovers. Last year, UVa ranked 242nd in the nation in number of turnovers. This year: 3rd in the nation.

--Assist/Turnover Ratio. Last year: 245th. This year: 15th.

--3-Point FG%. Last year: 242nd. This year: 7th.

--Points Allowed. Last year: 294th. This year: 23rd.

Those numbers are simply astounding. Mind-blowing.

This team has already accomplished more than anyone could have hoped, and I won't be disappointed no matter what happens the rest of the way. At this point, however, I must say it:

Tony Bennett is a miracle worker.