All Mike London, All The Time

The Virginia men's basketball team returns to the court tonight against Auburn, in what will be a very tough test on the road. Basketball is my favorite UVa sport, and we'll be getting back to discussion of hoops soon. Until then, however, we're in the tank for Mike London here.

I couldn't be more excited about the hiring of London to head the football program. This guy is a winner, and he's a recruiter, and I really don't think UVa was in a position to get anyone better to be the head coach.

If you are underwhelmed by the hire, go read this article by Jeff White. The quotes from Chris Long are very encouraging.

I'm very hopeful that London will help get Virginia into some recruits' homes in the 757, out there in Tidewater/Hampton Roads. For too long, UVa has lagged behind in that area, and if you want to recruit well in the Commonwealth, that's where it starts. Period.