This simply isn't fun anymore

Over at The Sabre, Kris Wright has hit the nail on the head:

What do you say when there's nothing left to say?

Unimaginative and inept offense. Check. Average at best defense that can't stop the run, misses tackles, and looks worse as it gets worn down. You've heard that one. Inconsistent, can't block, teetering on the brink of disaster special teams. Covered.

Al Groh, Beta Bridge, last straws, and all that? No need to belabor that point. It's all over but the announcement....

I just want to watch Virginia football the next three weeks and have fun.


There is much, much more over there, so I encourage you to read the entire thing (It's a Sabre Edge feature, but if you aren't an Edge subscriber...well, why aren't you? It's worth every penny.)

Kris is right. UVa football used to be fun. The thrill is gone now.