On Al Groh

As we prepare for what is likely to be a massacre in south Florida today, Jerry Ratcliffe has a piece in the Daily Progress about Coach Groh that is worth a read. One paragraph in particular sums up my thinking about the end of the Groh era:

If Groh is released by Craig Littlepage and John Casteen later this month, then let the man leave with his dignity. He’s one of yours, you know. He wore the orange and blue, left the NFL to come back and attempted to carry on George Welsh’s success. He even sent a son here to play and help beat Florida State.

I'll be honest: I want Al Groh removed as head coach of the Virginia football program immediately. That said, however, I'm not comfortable with hammering the guy.

Al Groh is a Hoo. He has worked very hard to make UVa a football power. No, he was not successful and he's going to be removed as coach because of his failures. He has been prickly at times, and said some things that he shouldn't have. At the end of the day, he has earned his pink slip.

But the guy is a fellow alum, and he cares every bit as much as I do about the University. That should count for something, shouldn't it?