More Love for Tony Bennett

USA Today has a very nice article about Tony Bennett and the Hoos today. The excitement for the basketball season is increasing daily, and there are two primary reasons for that. First, we have a new coach and a new start. Secondly, with the football program circling the drain, fans are ready to move on to something else. I did have a dream last night in which Virginia beat Boston College this weekend on the football field, 40-0. I'm afraid that's just a dream.

Anyway, while we're (still) on the topic of hoops, some of our friends from around the Wahoo blogosphere have been doing great work previewing the season. From Old Virginia is going player by player; here is part one and here is part two. Good stuff, as usual.

Then, Brian over at Streaking the Lawn has posted parts one and two of a three-part series previewing what he's calling "Bennett Ball." I like it.