Next question, please

From the Daily Press, under the headline, "So, Virginia fans, do you want Al Groh to win or lose?":

That brings me to the Commonwealth. Are Virginia fans thinking the same way about Al Groh?

Do they want him to win or lose?

Since the 0-3 start (including an embarrassing loss at home to I-AA William and Mary), the Cavaliers have pulled out wins over North Carolina, Indiana and Maryland (a heck of a win streak in basketball, not so much football).

On Saturday, the Cavaliers face No. 11 Georgia Tech, which just knocked Virginia Tech out of the national title picture last week.

A statement game. A chance for the Cavaliers to get above .500 and make some national noise. A chance to further improve their head coach’s still shaky job status.

Groh is 59-47 in nine years at his alma mater. That’s three losing seasons (including last year’s 5-7 record) and a 1-7 mark against the real football powerhouse in the state.

Now, how big is this game for Groh? Difficult to say. It wouldn’t be a bad loss at all, but it certainly would be a huge win.

So, Virginia fans: Do you want the Cavaliers to win or lose?

A legitimate question many fans, I’m sure, are asking., that isn't a legitimate question. I can't cheer for Virginia to lose, even if it will hasten Groh's departure.

Yes, I think replacing Groh would likely be a good thing for the football program. He is an alum, he is a hard worker, and Groh really cares about football at the University of Virginia, but he just isn't getting the job done, unfortunately.

Still, I'm a Hoo. I want them to win. Period.